Roadmap 2.0 — BSSC Phase 1

Early minting:

In the early minting phase (0–40% minted) our focus is to build a strong community and give back to everyone that helps to build it! These are the minting milestones in the first half of the roadmap

  • 25% minted — 25 Sheep airdrop lottery
  • 40% minted — 2.5eth raffle for 5 lucky winners
  • Meme contests
  • Community vote contests
  • Hot-or-Not Sheep-off — (March Madness bracket but with Sheep). Winner receives a goodie bag of 0.5eth, Sheep and swag!

PFP Drop #1 — Time Travel Tots.

A kick-ass 10K PFP collection!

  1. Pre-sale will be at 0.05eth for Shaggy Sheep members only
  2. Public sale will be at 0.05eth.
Time Travel Tots by BSSC

The Second Half — End of 2021

Take a break, you’ve read a lot to get this far. Keep going though, there’s big news at the end.

Swag store — 50% minted

Time to represent! Exclusive merch only for BSSC members! So far we’ve got planned:

  • Hoodies
  • Shirts
  • Stickers
  • Mugs
  • Plushies

Mini-game! — 70% minted

Inspired by the Warcraft 3 mod Sheep Tag — This is a winner takes all game where the player with the highest score gets 5eth and Sheep #3! There is no second place and the game is only open to Sheep hodlers. The contest will take place over a limited time period so make sure you’re ready!

Space Sheep Airdrop! — 90% minted

A 100 piece mini-collection of Space Commander Sheep which will be dropped in a separate collection and contract to Shaggy Sheep. Each Space Commander Sheep will be airdropped to extremely lucky hodlers .

Free to Mint Companion Collection — 100% minted

Woof! Woof!

PFP Drop #2 — Early 2022

Our last large generative collection before we move to phase 2. 6,666 NFTs.

Phase 2 — Early-Mid 2022

Oh yeah baby, the big leagues. This is when all you hodlers really get to reap rewards on your BSSC NFTs. After 100% mint it will take us about 3 months to get this off the ground, but Phase 2’s main focus is a Yield FARMING metaverse game. At this stage we’ll have a whole team and enough funding to get this done to make BSSC one of the biggest names in NFTs.



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Black Sheep Social Club

Black Sheep Social Club

Black Sheep Social Club is an NFT project consisting of Shaggy Sheep and Time Travel Tots