Time Travel Tot Base Types

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2 min readOct 27, 2021


Hey Flockers! I’m proud to introduce the Base Types for the Time Travel Tots with a guide on their rarity and special ways to get them.

1. Common Tots

Common types have an unlimited supply

From left to right: White, Brown and Grey

2. Uncommon Tots

Uncommon types will only appear a maximum of 200 times

From left to right: Fuzzy Off-White and Fuzzy Yellow

3. Rare Tots

Rare types will appear a maximum of 100 times (except for the MAG and Red Octobers). MAG and Red October base types can only be obtained by dipping Shaggy Sheep with these shoes into the fountain of youth.

Legend has it, the overwhelmingly hype-beastistry laced into the shoes creates a tear in the space-time continuum causing the Sheep and the shoes to merge into one.

From left to right: Blue, Red, Purple, MAG and Red October

4. Legendary Tots

Legendary types can only appear a maximum of 50 times. These can all only be obtained by dipping Sheep with the corresponding Sheep types into the fountain of youth.

From left to right: Black, Shaved, Alien and Zombie

5. Epic Tots

Epic types can only appear a maximum of 20 times. Monogram tots can only be obtained by dipping monogram Shaggy Sheep into the fountain of youth.

There are also a few different types of Celestial beings but for rarity scores they all count as being Celestial.

From left to right: Radioactive, Monogram, Celestial and Diamond

6. Uniques

There are also unique 1-of-1s to be dropped but these will only be revealed when minted.

Grab your tickets for the fountain of youth by minting your Sheep at our website — https://shaggysheep.life

For more information join our discord and ask a team member — https://discord.gg/4tYu9A5cQb




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