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4 min readOct 17, 2021


Drum roll please

Hey you flockers, it’s time to announce the details of our first 10K PFP drop — Time Travel Tots (by BSSC)!

What’s Going On???

Scientists on Shaggy Sheep island have made it through a mystical portal to discover an island of toddler Sheep! (and maybe a few other species of toddlers — although they can neither confirm or deny this rumour). On the island, they have found a magical lake that the local inhabitants say can transform any living thing into a toddler version of themselves — the fountain of youth *gasp!*.

The magical island of Time Travel Tots

The catch? These little flockers say only a limited number of Sheep can enter the lake and gain eternal youth.

Tickets Please!

To choose who gets to enter the fountain of youth, we’ve decided to issue a limited number of tickets. So how do you get a ticket and what exactly do they do? It’s super simple

  1. You get 1 ticket if you hold between 5 to 9 Sheep
  2. You get 3 tickets if you hold 10 Sheep
  3. For every additional 10 Sheep you hold you’ll receive 3 extra tickets
  4. 100 Tickets will also be airdropped to lucky Shepherds that have minted and held at least 1 Sheep

Note — For all the above you must have the Sheep on the snapshot date (TBD)

With your ticket you can choose which of your Sheep gets to go in the fountain to become a tot. Sheep types get retained in the fountain and it is the only way to get black, alien, zombie, shaved and monogram tots (so if you have one of these, you gots to dip your Sheep in the fountain!).

If you have a less rare Sheep (white, brown or grey) there is a chance that your Sheep-type can be upgraded to a new rare type. There’s also no telling what other attributes the tot versions of your Sheep will have. I’m sure you’ve changed since you were a kid and Shaggy Sheep puberty is a strange process!

Sadly, you will have to pay gas to dip your Sheep in the fountain but you’ll have at least 1 week to do it so you can wait for a time when gas is low.


But wait! There’s more!

The remaining tots on the island are also looking for new homes. They will be up for adoption like this:

  1. 100 in an airdrop lottery for Sheep holders (or 50 for every 1,000 Sheep minted at the snapshot date depending on what is higher)
  2. 50 in an airdrop lottery for Discord members with a verified role and that are at least level 10 (according to Sheep Bot 3000)
  3. Up to 1,000 in a pre-sale only for Sheep holders at 0.05eth (pre-sale allocation of 1,000 may increase depending on number of Sheep owners)
  4. Public sale at 0.05eth

The Shaggy Sheep island scientists can only keep the portal open for 30 days, after that it closes and any unminted tots will get stuck on the island without anyone to care for them — Sad.

Important to note:

  • Since the fountain of youth is in a parallel universe your Shaggy Sheep will not get burned after it’s dipped in the fountain. Both the adult and tot version can exist at the same time.
  • All tots minted before the release date will be revealed on the same day (TBD)
Yes, that’s you

Are You An Educated Investor?

Good for you! Here’s some details you might want to know. Rarity-wise, scores follow a Gaussian (bell-curve) distribution. The collection contains over 200 attributes with 5 levels of rarity — Epic, Legendary, Rare, Uncommon and Common. These are the maximum number of each attribute in each tier:

  • Epic — 20
  • Legendary — 50
  • Rare — 100
  • Uncommon — 200
  • Common — No limit

The collection will also have over 10 base types, extremely rare animated tots and 10 entirely unique non-generated pieces.

The total collection supply is capped at 10,000 but the collection size may be smaller if it’s not fully minted when the portal closes.

Since it’s a PFP we’ve also put a huge emphasis on making each tot look unique so you can lord your tot over everyone without worrying that there’s another one that looks similar.

In other words — this collection will be straight up 🔥

Why Release the Tots Now?

Besides giving something cool to our community, we personally wanted it and had a super cool idea for a PFP collection. Do we need another reason?

When is The Drop?

The exact date is TBD but it will be sometime in Mid-November

That’s It For Now!

We can’t wait for this PFP drop! In the meantime come join Shaggy Sheep and ask your questions in the discord!

Website to mint — https://shaggysheep.life

Follow us on twitter — https://twitter.com/ShaggySheepNFT

Join us on Discord — https://discord.gg/4tYu9A5cQb

View Shaggy Sheep on OpenSea — https://opensea.io/collection/shaggy-sheep



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